Why Use Reusable Coffee Cups

You may not think much of the impact your morning coffee and its accompanying cup has on the environment as you sip on its milky, robust goodness. Coffee is an important element of many people's lives, both in Australia and abroad. You may rely on the fix during your morning rush to work, as a mid-morning pick-me-up or as a late-afternoon boost. But what is the cost to the environment?

The alarming stats

By all means, we aren't saying that you have to give your cup of Joe up, but have you ever considered how much your disposable coffee cup use contributes to Australia's estimated 1 billion purchased every year? That's right, 1 billion disposable coffee cups [http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-03/takeaway-coffee-cups-piling-up-in-landfill/7136926] are used by Aussies every year - with the vast majority of those going to already-overcrowded landfill locations. "But they are made of paper, right?", you may ask, assuming these are biodegradable. Well, you'd be surprised to know that a portion of every disposable coffee cup is actually made of plastic... which does not break down over time. In short, that seemingly-innocent daily purchase is severely polluting the environment, creating avoidable litter waste and harming marine life to boot. It's not all lost, however. A difference can be made, and the answer is simple!

The reusable coffee cup revolution

Reusable coffee cups are exploding in popularity, as more and more people all over the world wise up to the damage disposable cups are doing to the world around them. Reusable coffee cups lessen the production and use of their disposable counterparts, which will improve the disaster the environment is facing as a result of mass supply and demand of cups that are thrown away after you are finished with them. The good news is that more and more coffee shops, cafes and establishments are jumping on board this important environmental revolution, so most are more than happy to serve your favourite brew in your favourite reusable mug! At the Reusable Coffee Cup Experts, we believe firmly in enacting positive, eco-friendly change through the sale of our green products - and we know you will too!

Our extensive range of reusable coffee cup solutions

No matter if your tipple of choice is coffee, tea, or anything else that takes your fancy, we have the best reusable cup option for you. Our extensive range is varied, non-toxic and eco-friendly and carefully produced with the environment in mind. Our range is completely transportable, making that on-the-go caffeine hit oh-so-easy to attain. We have glass and plastic reusable coffee cups options, along with cups with lids, so no matter what your bulk, wholesale needs are, we've got your back! We also offer a custom printed service for our entire range of cups and mugs, making displaying your logo or brand on your new favourite cup simple, affordable and high-quality. We also offer an ultra-fast turnaround time on all orders. No matter what your bulk eco-friendly coffee cup needs are, we have the solution for you and offer a price beat guarantee if you happen to find a cheaper price elsewhere.